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New Students

Welcome To Yoga Arts!  We are so excited to have you join our community.  We are a yoga studio that is student centered and offers high quality yoga teaching with teachers who have decades of training and yoga practice. 


Intro to Yoga Arts


  • 2 weeks of unlimited yoga classes, in person and online
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  • One on One consultation with Stephanie



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Helpful Hints

Benefits of Practicing Yoga

*Increased flexibility which leads to less injuries
*Increased strength and stamina
*Increased stability in balance
*Body-Mind awareness which alleviates stress
*Breath awareness which diminishes stress
*Develops an overall state of peace within the mind and body
*Improves Cardiovascular system
*Improves circulation
*Balances hormones
*Creates community with like minded folks
*Practicing yoga creates peace within which then is translated to peace in the community

What to expect in a yoga class

*Mats and props are provided, but most students prefer bringing their own mat.
*Dress in comfortable clothes that allow you to move your body in various positions.
*Avoid eating and drinking 1 hour before class.
*Arrive to class 10 minutes early to get set up and ask the teachers any questions that you may have. Community and social time happens here!
*Come with an open and humble mind.